cantonments & Milletry Areas


These cantonments were created by the British Raj during British rule. There are three cantonments in Nowshera District:

  • Nowshera Cantonment

  • Cherat Cantonment

  • Risalpur Cantonment

  • Military installations in Nowshera District[edit]


    During British rule Cherat was important as a hill cantonment and sanitarium for British troops in what was then the Nowshera Tehsil of the Peshawar District of British India.[2]

    Cherat was first used as a sanitarium for troops in 1861[2] and was used during the hot weather as a health station for the British troops who were quartered in the hot and malarious valley of Peshawar.[1] It was declared a cantonment in 1886. The cantonment commands a view of the whole of the Peshawar valley on one side, and on the other of a portion of the Khwarra valley in Peshawar District, and of Kohat District as far as the Indus.[2]

    A hospital, a church, and a few bungalows were built by the British authorities. The station, which has a good water supply, was throughout the summer the headquarters of the Peshawar Division command, and of one of the two British regiments stationed at Peshawar – a detachment of the other British regiment was also sent here.

    There were 376 inhabitants according to the March 1901 Census, but in the hot season the garrison sometimes numbered 1,000 men.


    The fort is used as a base by the Special Service Group and is used for training of the army. As part of joint military events with several nations, Cherat has also hosted an Improving Command Course in 2010.[3]


SSG cherat

SSG cherat

PAF nowshera

Army center nowshera

Risalpor PAF


cheraat SSG

entrance of Kohat Air-BasE